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Welcome to my artwork, as my signature concept is to capture your personal story and memories within the Contemporary Art I create.


The  "Art of Storytelling” is celebrated as each piece I create for you keeps your story alive.  My questionniare guides you as you go back in time, gather a few photos and memorabilia which are needed for visuals, and then I create your original mixed media artwork. 


When I begin, I read through your informtion and story, and begin to sketch your original. The art follows a time line and  will feature what is important to you and the story line.  Then I grab my brushes, inks and acrylics and begin.


A true visual experience unfolds...revisit homes, heritage & traditions, inside jokes and even a secret or two are enjoyed in each signature piece.  Find that misty-eyed bride, laugh at those crazy comical pets, it is the way " I spin your story. "


Humorous, and not a bit stuffy, you find personalized signs, a play on words, a reference or two, as the illustrations engage the viewer with wit, whimsy, but most of all, fun.


There isn't anything like it, as I assist you with saving that personal story, event, occasion, corporate identity or pet's life - preserving your memoires is what my art is all about, as Everyone has a Story, celebrate yours in art which, trancesnds time.



Life is talking ... as the history and memories of a lifetime are captured and preserved in a contemporary work of art. 


What have you given that means so much ?


Contact the artist

Box 336 Cary, NC 27512


All images, illustrations and wording are the copyrighted property of Seton McGlennon, use is forbidden.  2010

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